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May - Italy #3

Welcome back – the Eggs will conclude their time in Italy, but not before another prank by Angelo and Margherita!

Streets of Water

On the train to Venice, Angelo told the Eggs the streets were made of water.

“Sure, Angelo,” said Reggie. “We’re not falling for one of your pranks again.”

“You’ll see,” replied Angelo.

Sure enough, the Eggs were mesmerized with Venice, their streets of water, and the gondolas.

“Whoa, you were right, Angelo,” said Greggory. “This is amazing.”

They ended up taking a gondola ride. The gondolier started to sing and Benedict joined in. He stood up enthusiastically, but a large wave rocked the gondola and Benedict fell overboard! The gondolier jumped in to save him and dragged him back onto the boat.

“You must be very careful in a gondola,” he cautioned. “There is not much room.”

Benedict apologized, “I was just so excited. I’m sorry.”

“If you fall into the water here, you get the 7-year curse,” said Angelo. Margherita began to laugh.

“I’m not in the mood for one of your pranks, Angelo,” Benedict replied.

“Sorry, buddy, I was just joking,” Angelo said as he patted Benedict on the back.

When in Venice . . .

After the gondola ride, Ms. Poach suggested they take a short boat trip to the island of Murano, where beautiful glass is blown.

“Glass blowing has been an art here for over 1,000 years,” taught Shelly.

The Eggs watched in amazement as they observed the glass blowers turning out gorgeous works of art such as vases, paperweights, sculptures, jewelry and glass ware.

“Wow,” exclaimed Megg, “this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

Con Te Partiro

Soon it was time to leave Italy. The Eggs were doubly sad because Benedict had to go back home with his father.

“I’m sad to leave you, but I am grateful for the time I had. I will see you in a few months back in Albumen, ok?” he said through tears.

They all hugged and wished him well as he and his dad departed for the airport.

“I think we should all move here and live with Angelo and Margherita!” announced Greggory. “I already checked with Zia Ida and Zio Pietro. They said it was ok if we move in and share your rooms.”

Angelo and Margherita looked at each other in surprise.

“Really?” they asked.

“Ha ha – no! Just kidding! Got you back finally!” said Greggory.

They laughed as they threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, hoping to return some day.

Family Activity

  • Research why the streets in Venice are water? How did that happen? What are some songs that the gondoliers sing?

  • Do you have any Murano glass in your home? Look up some pictures of the beautiful pieces that come from the island.

  • And – what’s the story on the Trevi Fountain? What do the carvings depict and why is it so popular?

Join us next time to find out where the Eggs travel to next!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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