August - The Journey Ends #1

Chapter Twelve wrapped up the Eggs’ year of travel and introduced them to the idea of being Ambassadors in their hometown of Albumen.

Coming Home

The Eggs’ journey came to an end as their plane circled the Statue of Liberty and landed in New York City, where they prepared for a meeting with the United Nations officials to discuss their year. After an evening of recapping some of their most memorable moments, they got some much-needed rest.

The United Nations

In the morning, Ms. Sullivan from the U.N., along with a committee, met the group in the meeting room and introduced the idea of becoming an Ambassador for other children. She explained that an Ambassador is someone who tries to make the world a better place.

The Eggs will become Ambassadors in their own hometown of Albumen to teach others about the places they visited by connecting it to service in their community. They were very excited about this opportunity.


Ms. Sullivan gave each of the Eggs a beautiful gold medal attached to a red, white, and blue ribbon. She placed them around their necks. The Eggs were very proud, and so were their parents, Coach Flo, and especially Ms. Poach!

The Eggs learned:

· The world is a wonderful place

· The friendship between them had strengthened

· They realized how fortunate they were to be able to make such a trip

· An Ambassador is someone who tries to make the world a better place

· They would take what they learned abroad and connect it to service in their hometown

The meeting wrapped up with a poem they wrote about their travels:

We traveled the world and learned a lot, too

Eduardo, Paison, and Lishy helped us through.

Takumi and Ojii-san made us smile,

While Rashi and Bani showed us some style.

Sami, his dad, and little Zahra lost,

Showed us the value of love at all cost.

Yosef, Dalia, and their family true,

Helped us to see the bond that runs through.

Angelo and Margherita were a lot of fun,

While Zio Pietro and Zia Ida made us eat a ton!

Svana then showed us most breathtaking views,

While Uncle Ian and Aunt Bonnie treated us like headline news!

The people we met while traveling all around,

Were all Good Eggs, for sure - the best to be found!

Family Activity

Have a conversation! Ask your young reader what they learned from The Good Eggs Travel the World.

  • Did they realize some of the same things the Eggs realized?

  • Did they learn something different?

  • What was their favorite country to visit and why?

  • Which Egg do they most relate to?

  • Answer the same questions yourself and share your findings with your child.

Help your child write a poem about the world just like the Eggs did. Include some of the answers from the above questions. It will be challenging and fun to rhyme your thoughts together!

See you next week with some of the Eggs’ individual thoughts on what they learned!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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