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Happy Children
Our Mission
To help children integrate kindness, acceptance of others, and service to their community into their lives, and to provide under-resourced children with basic needs, along with an opportunity to read in a place to call their own.
Meet Sandy

Hello! My name is Sandy Ciaramitaro. As a teacher for most of my life, I've witnessed firsthand the positive impact reading has on children of all ages. When provided the opportunity and encouragement to read, children are better able to cultivate their imaginations, learn about new worlds, make new discoveries, and think for themselves. Providing safe spaces for children to both unwind and read is a game changer. And I'm committed to helping provide that experience for all kids who seek a respite from this often-chaotic world.

My idea behind writing and developing The Good Eggs book/video series was to help kids realize how to bring out their inherent goodness and develop themselves into the amazing person they are by:

  • Developing positive character traits (personally)

  • Developing a relationship with the wider world (globally)

  • Developing a relationship with those in need (communally)

I hold a Master of Arts degree from the University of Detroit Mercy and I have taught morality, ethics, and social justice courses at a private high school in Michigan. In addition to my teaching career, I have taught, developed, and implemented programs and curricula that are focused on helping children realize the importance of lives centered on love. The Good Eggs series is my contribution to supporting children as they learn about kindness, diversity, and service!

The Books


Book 1 - Virtues


Book 2 - Diversity


Book 3 - Service

This social emotional learning series is perfect

for children ages 7-12. 

The Good Eggs
Kids Blowing Bubbles

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children ."

- Nelson Mandela

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