August - The Journey Ends #3

This week we will focus on the individual observations and experiences of three Eggs; Reggie, Peggy, and Benedict, and how their trip around the world impacted them.


Reggie was fascinated by the Great Barrier Reef as he snorkeled and admired the sea creatures. As he gazed into the eyes of a sea turtle, he had a realization that he was intruding into someone’s “home,” and that he had to be respectful and polite as their guest. He also realized that he will be welcoming to guests in his own hometown.


Peggy made a statement about the wonderful friendships she found through the Eggs. She was grateful they were always there for her through her rough times at home. Their support meant everything. She realized the importance of helping each other and being supportive.


Benedict spoke last. He said although he had to leave his friends after their time in Italy, they helped him to stay positive and enjoy their time together. This had a lasting impression on him. Benedict realized that being positive in tough situations can make a big difference. He is always going to try and look on the bright side of things.

After a positive meeting of sharing their learning experiences, the Eggs boarded a plane one last time and headed home for Albumen.

Family Activity

  • Like Reggie, have you ever had to be a welcoming host, or a polite guest? Discuss your experience with your child. How can this relate to our relationships with each other and with the earth? How can this be a positive attribute for an ambassador (leader)?

  • Like Peggy, have you ever needed support or given support to someone who was going through a rough time? Has your child ever needed to talk with someone about a situation or comfort a friend going through a difficult experience? How did it make you feel after talking with someone or lending support? How can this be a positive attribute for a leader?

  • Like Benedict, have you ever had to find a bright spot in a difficult situation? Are you a glass half-full or half-empty person? How can staying positive and looking on the bright side get us through hard times? How can this be a positive attribute for a leader?

I hope you enjoyed Book 2, The Good Eggs Travel the World!

In September, I will begin Book 3, The Good Eggs In the Community, which focuses on community service, and how the Eggs bring their experiences back to Albumen.

I hope the remainder of your summer is beautiful, sunny, and relaxing! See you in September!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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