August - The Journey Ends #2

This week we will focus on the individual observations and experiences of three Eggs; Seggourney, Greggory, and Megg, and how their trip around the world impacted them.


Seggourney learned about peace. When she was gazing at the Victoria Falls in Zambia, she felt an overwhelming sense of peace and decided that she can take that feeling and apply it to the world. She is going to try and bring peace to all situations, large or small.


Greggory learned about perseverance. He thought about all of the trouble he had with his ankle, especially in Norway. Being that close to the top of the world helped him feel like he could do anything, and he knew that feeling of determination would help him get through any kind of trouble that came his way.


Megg learned about open-mindedness. She realized that different cultures have different ways of doing things. When she found out she didn’t ruin Bani’s wedding dress with her henna dye, she was extremely relieved. This opened her mind to other traditions and cultures and learned to get the facts before jumping to conclusions.

Family Activity

  • Like Seggourney, did you ever experience something that gave you a calm feeling? A sense of peace? Discuss with your child and ask if they ever had the same feeling. How can this be a positive attribute for an ambassador (leader)?

  • Like Greggory, did you ever need to stay the course, keep the pace, or stay focused on something until you felt accomplishment? Ask your child the same. How can this be a positive attribute for a leader?

  • Like Megg, did you ever assume something and later felt inadequate about it because your assumption was way off base? Did it help you to keep an open-mind going forward? Discuss your experience with your child. How can this be a positive attribute for a leader?

See you next time as we look at Reggie, Peggy and Benedict’s observations.

Have a great week!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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