July - Scotland #3

The Eggs final adventure in Scotland was a trip on Uncle Ian’s boat. He took them fishing on Loch Ness. Ms. Poach was hesitant, though . . .

A Legend

Uncle Ian told the Eggs he had a surprise for them – a fishing excursion! The Eggs were excited but Ms. Poach was not keen on the idea, especially after Shelly explained the legend of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

“A monster? At sea?” asked Megg. “Will it eat us?”

Uncle Ian and Shelly laughed. “It’s just a legend!”

Ms. Poach added nervously, “Yes, children. Just a legend. Nothing to be afraid of. I’ll wait right here until you return.”

“Oh no, Ms. Poach. You’re coming with us!” said Coach Flo. “I know you don’t like water, but we’ll help you get over your fear.”

A Storm

It was a beautiful afternoon on the loch. Reggie’s dad caught some trout and placed it in a bucket filled with water. Time seemed to go by quickly.

“It’s starting to get late,” informed Ms. Poach. “Shouldn’t we be getting back soon?”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Poach,” replied Uncle Ian. “Nessie doesn’t come out until it’s VERY dark!”

Everyone chuckled at his answer.

Just then dark clouds began to roll in and the waves kicked up high. The boat began to rock violently back and forth. One of the trout that Reggie’s dad caught flew out of the bucket and hit Ms. Poach in the back. She screamed in terror.

“Nessie got me, Nessie got me!” and she fainted on deck.

They ran over to her as the boat rocked and Uncle Ian maneuvered it to shore.

“Ms. Poach, wake up!” shouted Megg as she threw some water in her face.

The boat docked safely and they all helped get Ms. Poach to land.

“Sometimes storms can kick up like that,” said Uncle Ian. “But we’re ok now. And, Ms. Poach, it was a trout that hit your back, not Nessie!”

Ms. Poach felt embarrassed but laughed along with the rest of them.

A Bittersweet Farewell

Soon it was time to say goodbye. Shelly was sad to leave Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Ian. They all hugged and kissed. The Eggs thanked them for their wonderful hospitality. They made sure to send postcards to Benedict, too.

“Have a safe flight home,” waved Aunt Bonnie as she wiped tears from her eyes.

As they sat on the plane headed back to New York City, Shelly informed they would stay there for a few days to meet with the United Nations. They wanted a full report on how their year of study abroad enriched their lives.

Megg said, “I have kept a detailed journal of our trip.”

Reggie added, “I have kept all the details in my head. I have a lot to tell them.”

Ms. Poach smiled at both of them and soon all were asleep as they headed home.

Family Activities

  • Research the legend of “Nessie,” the Loch Ness Monster. Write your own story about the fabled creature, turn out the lights and retell it to the family with expression!

  • On your next trip or excursion, keep a journal of your activity – then write a story about it to share with your friends!

  • Did you know: The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn! Look up why!

I sure hope you enjoyed Scotland - our last blog for Book 2 will be next month as the Eggs return home from their year-long study abroad! See you then!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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