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May - Italy #1

Reggie awoke to the captain’s voice as the plane was landing in Italy. “Benvenuti in Italia! Welcome to Italy!”

A Surprise Visitor and Some Sad News

The Eggs were all very excited to be in Italy, especially since they found out Peggy was going to meet them in Rome. Peggy’s mom was coming to Rome on business and brought Peggy with her to join the Eggs for a few months of the trip.

“We’ll all be together!” exclaimed Megg. “This will be the best trip ever!”

Benedict asked Ms. Poach if Peggy could stay with them for the remainder of the trip. Ms. Poach looked at him lovingly, then broke the news that his father would be picking him up at the end of their Italian adventure. Benedict began to cry but felt grateful for the time he had to spend with his friends. Ms. Poach was proud of him for feeling gratefulness.

“You’re really turning into a Good Egg, Benedict,” she said as she comforted him with her arm around his shoulders.

A Mischievous Duo

After they all gathered their luggage, Shelly’s friends, Zia Ida and Zio Pietro met them at the airport, along with their twins, Angelo and Margherita, who were known to be pranksters. Shelly laughingly cautioned the Eggs to be on the lookout for pranks!

“Ciao!” Zia Ida and Zio Pietro embraced Shelly. They did the double-kiss, one on each cheek.

Benedict said, “What’s all this kissing about?”

Just then, Margherita walked up to Benedict and did the double-kiss to his cheeks! They all shared a laugh, and after they checked into their hotel, they were soon on their way to Zia Ida and Zio Pietro’s home, where they would enjoy an authentic Italian meal.

So Much Food!

As they entered Zia Ida and Zio Pietro’s home, the aroma was captivating!

“I have a feast prepared for you,” said Zia Ida.

It started with an antipasti salad, minestrone soup, then spaghetti and meatballs. Everyone was stuffed, but then Zia Ida brought out some spedini – seasoned meat rolled up and put on a stick. To top off the meal, she served Tiramasu for dessert.

“I don’t need to eat for a week!” exclaimed Megg.

“Oh, we’re not done yet,” said Angelo. “Mama, bring out the next course!”

“Are you kidding?” questioned Greggory.

“Yes, I am kidding! Ha ha!” replied Angelo.

“I told you they were pranksters!” said Shelly.

They all shared a laugh and retired for the night.

Family Activity

  • Research the famous Leonardo da Vinci. Find out the many interests he had in his life.

  • Try making an Italian dinner as a family – look up more foods, such as lasagna, or chicken alfredo – soooo good!


Wishing you all GOOD things,


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