July - Scotland #1

The Eggs were excited but a bit sad to leave Norway because they knew this next country, Scotland, would be the last leg of their trip before returning home. Ms. Poach told them to enjoy this last country as much as the first, and the Eggs took her advice as their plane touched down in Edinburgh.

Bring Back My Bonnie to Me!

As their plane descended, Shelly began to sing a song. “My Bonnie lies over the ocean; my Bonnie lies over the sea; my Bonnie lies over the ocean; oh bring back my Bonnie to me!”

The rest of the passengers joined in the chorus; “Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my Bonnie to me, to me; bring back, bring back, oh bring back my Bonnie to me!”

They all clapped at the end of the song, but the Eggs were confused. They never heard it before.

“Shelly, what was that song?” asked Seggourney. “Everyone seemed to know it.”

“It’s an old Scottish folk song. It reminds me of my Aunt Bonnie, who we will be staying with while in Scotland,” replied Shelly.

Shelly explained that her heritage was Scottish and Aunt Bonnie was her mother’s sister. The Eggs thought that was amazing and couldn’t wait to hear more Scottish family stories from Bonnie.

What’s a Tartan?

“Tell us more, Shelly,” pleaded the Eggs.

Shelly revealed a plaid scarf under her coat with a crisscrossed pattern of blue, brown, and white.

“This is my family’s tartan,” she said. “It’s like our own family’s design, and is part of my mother’s heritage. Each families’ tartan is different.”

“Oh, that’s beautiful,” remarked Ms. Poach.

A Loud Boom!

As the Eggs got settled in Edinburgh, Shelly revealed part of the itinerary.

“Tomorrow we will be visiting Edinburgh Castle. It is a magnificent castle with a ton of history. It sits upon a huge rock known as Castle Rock. Castle Rock was formed when a volcano erupted millions of years ago,” taught Shelly. “You will love Edinburgh Castle, I just know it!”

“Wow a real castle!” exclaimed Reggie. “I can’t wait!”

The next day the group boarded a tour bus headed for Edinburgh Castle. Shelly began to give some history as they approached the castle.

“The first real mention of this castle was around 1139. It was home to many royal families until around 1600, then later became a military base and a fortress. It has been attacked many times over the centuries. Now it is owned by the Scottish government and used as a tourist attraction.”

The bus arrived at the castle and the Eggs were in awe.

“This is amazing!” exclaimed Greggory. “Let’s go inside and explore!”

They saw the Crown Jewels, a beautiful stone chapel, and many other interesting rooms, while also learning of their history.

The most exciting event for Reggie, though, was the 1:00 cannon. Shelly explained that the cannon was fired every day at 1:00, except Sundays. It used to help ships with navigation.


Everyone covered their ears and grinned widely as the cannon was fired!

Family Activities

  • Create a map of Edinburgh Castle with all of its special areas and secret passage ways (you can get a map online). Look up the history of the castle and choose one or two stories to talk about. Using the map as a visual aid, bring the history to life as the story is told, imagining what areas of the castle were used in your story.

  • Sew a family plaid. Ask each family member for their favorite color. Gather and sew (or glue) pieces of fabric into a unique pattern, using the families’ favorite colors. Give it a name, and you have your own unique tartan!

See you next week!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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