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September - The Journey Begins #3

Your Imaginary Experience

Through the adventures of the Eggs, I hope you can imagine and enjoy all of these same experiences. They will learn new words and phrases from varying world languages. They will eat foods enjoyed by people throughout the world. They play some games that are familiar and some that are new and they see sights that take their breath away. They learn, partake in, and celebrate customs that are important traditions to people in far-off lands. 

The Awaited Envelope!

As with each country the Eggs will visit, Ms. Poach will hand them an envelope to inform them of their next destination.  After school, Ms. Poach had a meeting with Megg, Reggie, Seggourney, and Greggory.  She said, “On the count of three, open your envelopes! One, two three!”  The Eggs tore open their envelopes to find a slip of paper with the word Chile on it.  

“Chile? Is that the first country we will be visiting?” asked Reggie? “Isn’t that in South America?”

“Yes,” replied Ms. Poach. “Brush up on your Spanish – we leave soon!”

See you in October! Adios!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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