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September - The Journey Begins! #2

What a Surprise!

As we saw last week, in this month of September, the Eggs return to school. They all received a curious letter from Ms. Poach asking them to attend a 1:00 pm meeting.

Study Abroad

At the meeting, the Eggs learned their town of Albumen was the recipient of a United Nations study abroad program for having outstanding students in the areas of leadership, academics, and community awareness. The Eggs were thrilled to know they would be spending ten months studying abroad, along with their teachers and parents.

“I wonder what the people in other parts of the world will think of us,” thought Reggie.  Reggie’s thought was deeper than he realized.  


Our children live in a very different world than the one in which we grew up and from that of our parents as well. Many of us (and our parents) grew up in a somewhat isolated world. Our “neighborhood” was made up of the number of blocks we were allowed to explore on our bike. 

Most of the kids we knew were of the same nationality and culture. Everyone spoke the same way, ate a lot of the same foods, played the same games, and practiced the same customs and traditions. There was order, structure, and predictability. As long as you followed the set of rules established by your particular “neighborhood” there were few surprises and everything fell into place.  

But there was a catch to this lifestyle; there wasn’t much diversity. There were limited opportunities to grow and to explore the richness and contribution of other cultures.

Changes . . .

But Reggie and his friends were about to embark on a trip of a lifetime that would open up the idea to explore the beauty of diversity . . .stay tuned!

See you next week - we will find out the first country the Eggs will be traveling to – and it’s very exciting!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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