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October - Chile #3

Hola! We've arrived at the last week of the Eggs' adventures in Chile - let’s see what they're up to!


This last week in Chile was spent in the southern tip of the country visiting many towns and sites. Shelly, the tour guide, wanted to make sure the Eggs saw Los Pinguinos Natural Monument. This is home to over 120,000 penguins that migrate here in October each year. Their timing was perfect. The Eggs were treated to a magnificent site on Magdalena Island! Thousands of penguins were grouped together and every one of the Eggs watched with wonder.

“Oh, look over there, Seggourney,” said Megg. “That one is sliding on its belly. That’s so cute!”

“I will never forget this,” whispered Reggie.


The Eggs stayed another hour to see the penguins and then headed to the town of Punta Arenas, the capital city of the Patagonian Region. The next few days were spent with a host family, who was very gracious and kind. The group learned more about daily life in Chile. Most of the Chilean children were very involved in the families’ daily chores.

“I guess we should help more at home,” reflected Megg. “These children do much more work than we do!”

Megg’s mom smiled at her and so did the rest of the parents.

Family Activities

  • With your kids, look up the phenomenon of the Los Pinguinos National Monument. What brings the penguins to Magdalena Island?

  • And check your closets - do you have any clothing from Patagonia? : )

Next month we will find out the next country the Eggs will visit on their study abroad adventure!

I hope you enjoyed the Chilean adventure with the Huevos! Adios!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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