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October - Chile #2

So Beautiful!

The Eggs are still in Chile and just left Santiago. They headed over to the seaport city of Valparaiso. “Wow, all houses are painted such beautiful colors,” exclaimed Megg. “We should do that in Albumen!”

A New Friend

The Eggs made friends with a local boy, Eduardo. He taught them some Spanish words such as casa and feliz. He said he lived in a blue house and was very happy there. Eduardo then took the Eggs to eat some authentic Chilean cuisine. They enjoyed corn and meat pies, beef stew and some sopaipillas.

“Adios, Eduardo,” the Eggs said, but not before they exchanged addresses.  “We will keep in touch,” said Reggie.

Family Activity

  • “Yes, escribeme, and tell me about life in America!  Adios, Huevos,” replied Eduardo. The Eggs learned many Spanish words and phrases. Look some up with your family!

  • And if you don’t already know how, learn to count to 10 in Spanish!

See you next week for our last site to visit in Chile before the Eggs move on to a new country!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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