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October - Chile #1


For the next ten months, we will follow the Eggs around the world as they learn about diversity.  I will provide a short synopsis of the chapter, and then include some family activities that reinforce the concept of diversity! Book 2 is a wonderful way to reinforce the social emotional learning impact on your child. It will open their minds to new experiences, too!

Their first stop in their study abroad program is Chile! The Eggs, their parents, Ms. Poach and Coach Flo took off from the Albumen Airport for the twelve-hour journey to Santiago. When they arrived, they were met by Shelly, who will be their tour guide for the entire study abroad program. “Hola!” she said as she greeted them with an energetic smile!

Cerro Santa Lucia

The first attraction they went to was Cerro Santa Lucia, or St. Lucy Hill. This hill is famous in Chile because the city of Santiago was founded there in 1541. The Eggs went all the way to the top of the hill and took in a breathtaking view of the city which included the snow-capped Andes mountains as a backdrop.

As Shelly, the tour guide, continued with the history of St. Lucy Hill, they made sure to take plenty of pictures of the stunning sight from all angles. They spent the rest of the afternoon there, even eating their lunch in a beautiful park on the hill.

Family Activity

With your kids, research the founding of the city of Santiago.

  • Who was the explorer?

  • How did it become the capital of Chile? 

Next week – more Chilean sites to visit! See you then!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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