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November - Zambia #3


The Eggs’ time was coming to an end, but not before they participated in a safari in South Luangwa National Park. This national park is one of the top animal sanctuaries in Africa. The safari will last two days; the Eggs will stay in huts provided by the park. Ms. Poach was not keen on the idea of huts, but she went along with it.

Upon arriving at the bush camp, the guides promptly showed the Eggs to their huts. They unpacked, took a quick trip through the gift shop, and jumped back into the jeeps to begin the safari.

“Make sure to have your cameras ready and your binoculars handy. You never know when you will see an animal,” advised Paison.

Elephants and Giraffes (but no Zebra?)

After about an hour into the safari, an elephant appeared out of the brush.

“Look! Over there!” Paison quietly whispered to the Eggs as he pointed to the elephant.

They came within a safe distance of the majestic animal and took as many pictures as they could. Fifteen minutes later, a giraffe came across the plain. The Eggs could not contain their excitement as they tried to be as quiet as they could while taking in the amazing view of the giraffe.

The afternoon came to an end and Paison could see that Reggie was disappointed he did not see a Zebra. “Tomorrow is another day, my friend,” he comforted.

Ms. Poach’s Worst Nightmare!

As the Eggs prepared to go to sleep that night, they heard a terrifying scream coming from Ms. Poach’s hut.


Paison got to her first to find Ms. Poach tangled up in vine that she mistook for a snake. Oh, the laughs continued for an hour!

Finally a Zebra!

The next day was very hot and there were no animals to be found. As the jeeps headed back toward the camp, Reggie laid his head on the side of the jeep and almost dozed off to sleep. He was sad about not seeing a zebra. But just then, Paison pushed Reggie’s arm to wake him.

“Hey Reggie – how are you going to see a Zebra if you’re sleeping?” he urged.

Reggie jumped up to feast his eyes on the most splendid creature he has ever seen – there a few feet in front of the jeep, stood the zebra he had been waiting to see.

“Wow! Did you see that? The zebra looked right at me!” he exclaimed. They gazed at each other for a while. “That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” sighed Reggie.

Time to Say Goodbye

The last night in Zambia was spent at an official Zambian celebration. Food, dancing, and the beating of drums filled the air. The Eggs were exhausted by the end of the night!

Family Activities

  • Research and list the kinds of animals found in South Luangwa National Park and then go on your local zoo’s website to see how many of these same kinds of animals live at your zoo.

  • After comparing the animals of South Luangwa National Park and your local zoo, plan a trip to your zoo to experience these animals up close. Plan your visit as a Safari. Bring along a camera and a notebook to put together a safari log of your experience. If physically going to your local zoo is not possible, use your zoo’s website as a virtual safari.

I hope you enjoyed your time in Zambia – next month will begin with the Eggs opening their envelopes to reveal their next location!

See you soon!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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