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November - Zambia #2

Welcome back to Week 2 of the Eggs’ adventures in Zambia!

Basket Weaving

One afternoon when school lessons were complete, the Eggs learned how to make authentic Zambian baskets. They learned that in addition to farming, Paison and his family also make and sell baskets in the local marketplace.

The Eggs gathered bamboo, leaves, and different grasses and watched as Paison and his family showed them how to weave the materials together. They also used dye made from tree bark and varying roots in the ground to achieve vibrant colors. Each one of them came up with an original design.

“Look at my basket, Megg,” said Greggory. “It has a baseball on it!”

Megg made a polka-dot basket and Seggourney made a basket with a “P” on it because she was going to give it to Peggy when they get back home.

Paison smiled as he watched his new friends create beautiful baskets. “I really like what you’ve created,” he said.

Victoria Falls

The next day Paison surprised the group with a jeep excursion to Victoria Falls. They excitedly piled into the jeeps as they arrived.

“Did you know Victoria Falls is part of the Zambezi River?” taught Shelly.

The jeeps crossed over a bridge and the entire group fell silent as their eyes locked upon the beauty of the falls. They marveled at the mile-long curtain of water. They sounded like thunder as they rushed over the tall cliffs.

“This is amazing,” said Seggourney. “Look over there – a rainbow!”

The Eggs ooohed and ahhhed at the magnificent sight. Seggourney made sure to snap lots of pictures.

Family Activity

  • Try your hand at basket weaving! Go to your local craft store and see if you have what it takes to make one! If not, buy a few ready-made baskets and paint them. Put your own individual flair on the baskets - I bet they come out as beautiful as the ones the Eggs made!

  • Find a picture of Victoria Falls - look up some history and facts behind it!

No Zebra today for Reggie, but maybe next week?

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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