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March - Egypt #2

As we saw last week, Benedict had trouble sleeping the night before they were to see the pyramids. Well, morning arrived and Benedict was still awake. Greggory and Reggie woke and found him looking out the hotel window.

Too Much Strong Coffee!

“Benedict, what time did you get up?” asked Reggie.

“I’m not sure,” he answered, knowing full well he was up all night.

The boys got dressed and headed down to breakfast before their busy day began. Sami and his father greeting the group and shared breakfast together. Benedict’s head began to bobble as he dozed off at the breakfast table. Greggory shook him.

“Benedict, wake up,” said Greggory. “We’re leaving soon to see the pyramids.”

Benedict woke up with a start and got out of his chair as they began to board the bus for the pyramids. He noticed a tray of cups filled with a thick brown liquid, unsure of what it was, but grabbed one and gulped it down. He wrinkled his nose for a minute, but then grabbed another one and gulped it down, too! After a few minutes, Benedict had a rush of energy. He did not realize he drank some extremely strong Egyptian coffee!

Ewww – Camel Spew!

The bus arrived at the spot where the Eggs were to ride camels the rest of the way to the pyramids.

“Whoa – this is amazing,” said Megg as they all looked with wonder at the beautiful site. They made sure to take tons of pictures.

Ms. Poach and Coach Flo shared a camel. Ms. Poach was a bit scared at first but then started to relax on the camel. Just as she thought things were going ok, the camel let out a huge BURP and shook his head, spewing camel slime everywhere out of his mouth. It landed all over Ms. Poach and Coach Flo!

“Ewww!!” she exclaimed.

Coach Flo laughed and reached for a towel attached to the camel’s gear to wipe their faces.

An Unlikely Hero

The Eggs approached The Great Pyramid and listened to a history lesson about it from Shelly.

Benedict was still very jittery from the coffee, and darted out in another direction. No one saw him leave the group.

Benedict actually entered The Great Pyramid and began to explore a passageway. He was very excited and wanted to know where the passageway led. As he went deeper into the pyramid, he began to get tired, as the caffeine from the coffee was wearing off.

As he leaned against the cold pyramid wall to rest, he thought he heard a muffled sound. He listened closer, and knew it sounded like someone crying. He walked toward the sound to find a little girl sobbing for her mother.

“Don’t worry,” he reassured her. “I’ll get you out of here.”

As Benedict and the little girl exited the passageway and out of the pyramid, they saw a frantic mother calling for her child and a crowd gathered around trying to help.

“Zahra, where are you?” the mother cried.

Just then, they spotted Benedict carrying Zahra. Zahra jumped out of Benedict’s arms and ran to her mother.

“Benedict, what happened?” asked Shelly.

Benedict explained that he drank too much coffee, went exploring on his own, but stumbled upon little Zahra, who was lost.

Shelly found it hard to get mad at Benedict because he was a hero that day.

Family Activity

  • Research the history of The Great Pyramid. When and why was it built? How did it get built? Where do the secret passageways lead?

  • Try building a pyramid of your own. Make a small replica using materials found at home. Get creative! Include a report of fun facts.

Next week the Eggs wrap up their Egyptian adventure - see you then!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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