June - Norway #2

Hello again! The Eggs finish up their Norwegian adventure this week! Let’s see what they’re up to...


Svana took the Eggs on a visit to a Viking Museum. Reggie remembered doing a report on a long ship with curly ends, as he called it. And there it was – as they entered the museum, the largest boat they ever saw was there to greet them!

“Whoa!” Reggie ran over to the ship and began to examine it. Shelly explained who the Vikings were and how they lived.

The Eggs continued their tour of the museum for the rest of the afternoon. They saw objects such as old carts, cups, and some old, itchy cloth used for clothes that dated back to the years 8-900!

24 Hour Sunshine?

The last stop for the Eggs was the city of Narvik. They boarded a plan and were surprised with a cruise to experience the Midnight Sun.

“What’s the Midnight Sun,” asked Seggourney.

Svana explained that they would be cruising north toward the Arctic Circle where the sun shines for 24 hours during the summer months.

“It’s a beautiful, fantastic marvel,” said Svana excitedly.

The cruise ship made its way down the fjord, a finger-like inlet of the sea with high cliffs on either side. This scene also made the Eggs stop and gaze at the beautiful spectacle, snapping plenty of pictures.

“I wish this day would last forever,” whispered Megg to herself.

Leaving Norway

The Eggs reflected with each other before they left Norway. They thanked Svana and made sure to send Benedict a postcard. They talked about the amazing scenery they experienced and how wonderful their entire visit made them feel – peaceful and comforted.

Family Activity

  • Research a Viking ship! How long were they and what do the carvings represent?

  • Take a cruise through the fjords! Research and map out an amazing journey with Google Earth. Make sure to notice the high cliffs!

I hope you enjoyed beautiful Norway! See you in July with a new adventure!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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