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June - Norway #2

Welcome back to Norway! Get ready for some breathtaking scenery!

A Special Gift

The first thing Svana planned was a hike through the beautiful Norwegian countryside. Before they left, she surprised them with a backpack of their own filled with hiking supplies such as water, sunglasses, snacks, a small towel, and other necessities.

“Wow, Svana, thank you so much for these amazing backpacks,” said Shelly.

“Preparation is Number 1!” she replied.

A Little Worried

The Eggs were getting ready to leave for their hike, when Greggory pulled Reggie aside.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” asked Reggie.

“I’m just a little worried. Remember when I broke my ankle last year? Well, it’s been hurting me for a few days now. I’m not sure I can hike,” replied Greggory.

Reggie assured him that he will stay close to him during the hike in case he needed his assistance. Greggory felt a little more confident knowing Reggie was there for him.

Heart-stopping Hike

As Svana led the Eggs to a grassy hill, they climbed for almost an hour to the top. What they saw over the hill stopped them in their tracks.

“Oh my,” whispered Reggie’s mom as she gazed at the beauty. “This is most extraordinary.”

No one spoke for a while as they became absorbed in the scenery. The lush green hills in the distance seemed to roll on forever. The valley was filled with magnificent trees, short and tall alike, a few small glistening lakes, and even a narrow winding river whose babble could be heard in the echo through the valley.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” said Svana. “Take some pictures to capture this moment.”

The Eggs came out of their trance and snapped pics for 20 minutes!

Heading Back to the Hotel

Svana continued the hike with the group when Greggory had to take a break and sit on a large rock. They noticed his ankle was swollen and he and his parents caught a bus on the road and headed back to the hotel. He was disappointed his hike was cut short, but relieved to find out it just needed some rest and would be fine in a day or two.

Family Activity

  • Have you ever taken a family hike? Try it out! Take some supplies and make a day of it. Be sure to take some pictures together to remember your fun!

  • Try ice skating one afternoon (indoor or outdoor!) The Norwegian people are experts at winter sports. They have a rich history of being leaders in Winter Olympic medals - research how many medals were won by Norwegians.

See you next week as the Eggs wrap up their Norwegian adventure!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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