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June - Norway #1

Hello and welcome summer! June is such a beautiful month and it will prove to be even more beautiful for the Eggs as they visit Norway!

On Top of the World!

As their plane was coming in for a landing, Greggory and Reggie were trying to figure out if they were going to freeze when they stepped off the plane, being so close to the Arctic Circle. Shelly chuckled and assured them they wouldn’t freeze – it was June in Norway where temps could reach between 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit!

Meeting Svana

As the Eggs landed in Oslo, they were met by Svana, Shelly’s friend and their host. She was full of life and unending energy.

“Shelly, it’s wonderful to see you!” They hugged each other tightly.

“Svana – you never change – thank you for hosting us as we visit your beautiful country!” replied Shelly.

“Of course! I’m looking forward to our time together!” said Svana.

She quickly got the group settled into the hotel and everyone took a needed nap until dinner.

Oh, the Seafood!

Dinnertime arrived and the Eggs met at the hotel restaurant where they feasted on a magnificent seafood buffet. They had smoked salmon, arctic cod, king crab, halibut, and much more!

“We eat a lot of seafood in Norway,” explained Svana. “It’s delicious!”

Some of the seafood was filleted, some breaded, some baked, and some smoked. The Eggs tried them all.

“Everything is so fresh!” remarked Seggourney.

“Fresh from the Arctic Ocean!” answered Svana proudly. “Now eat up! You’ll need plenty of energy – tomorrow we go hiking!”

Everyone ate their fill and retired to their rooms for the evening.

Family Activity

  • The Eggs were south of the Arctic Circle. Find out how many miles the capital city of Oslo is from the Arctic Circle.

  • The Northern Lights are a common and beautiful sight near the Arctic Circle between late fall and early spring. Search the internet for pictures of the Northern Lights; then create your own Northern Lights watercolor painting!

  • Have a family seafood night! Create a small smorgasbord of a variety of differently prepared seafood. Make sure to have different dipping sauces, too!

See you next week for more Norwegian adventure!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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