July - Scotland #2

Welcome back to Scotland! The Eggs are leaving Edinburgh and heading to Inverness, where Shelly’s Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Ian reside.

Scotch Pie and Blaeberries

Uncle Ian and Aunt Bonnie met Shelly and the Eggs at the train station.

“Hello Lassies and Lads!” he said as he hugged each one. The Eggs giggled with delight.

They arrived at Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Ian’s beautiful home and relaxed before dinner. Uncle Ian gave them a tour of the house and the property.

“This sure is a comforting and lovely home,” said Reggie’s mom.

Dinner was soon ready and the Eggs were served Scotch Pie and Blaeberry Pie for dessert. They loved all of it and thought the blaeberry tasted like blueberry!

A Bagpipe Lesson

Later that evening, Uncle Ian took the Eggs out to the barn to show them the horses. Reggie uncovered something in the hay pile – a set of bagpipes! He became fascinated with them and asked Uncle Ian about them.

“I used to play these when I was a young lad,” he remarked. He handed them to Reggie. “Take a deep breath and blow.”

EEEEEEK, EWWWWWK, EEEEEEK, came the ear-piercing sound from the pipes.

Uncle Ian laughed, “It takes a long time to master these, lad. Not bad for your first try, though.”

Family Activities

  • Try making Scotch Pie tonight for dinner – real Scotch pie uses mutton (sheep), but use chicken or beef instead. It will come out like a Shepherd’s Pie – yum!

  • Look up bagpipers on the internet and watch them play their instrument. You might find them in a parade, at a funeral, or other event. The sound is beautiful and fascinating. The bagpiper’s clothes also have special meaning – research that, too!

See you next week for the Eggs' final adventure in Scotland!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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