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January - Japan #2

Welcome back! Let’s see what the Eggs are up to this week in Japan:

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Takumi and Ojii-san surprised the Eggs with the gift of a magnificent kite! “C’mon,” said Takumi. “It’s our tradition to fly kites at the New Year.”

The Eggs excitedly went with Takumi and Ojii-san to a huge open field, where many children were flying kites. The site was magnificent.

“Wow,” said Reggie. “This is amazing!”

“Look at my kite, Megg,” said Seggourney. “It has streamers!”

Inappropriate Again

Coach Flo began instructing the Eggs on how to fly a kite, when Benedict grabbed his kite, kicked off his shoes and began to run with it.

“Benedict, get back here. Your shoes! And your string is too long!” yelled Coach Flo. But Benedict did not listen.

He managed to get his kite high in the sky, but Coach Flo and Ms. Poach were questioning what he was doing on the field. He kept running with his kite in his bare feet, stopping to bow at every child that was in his path. Running, bowing, running, bowing. The group was very confused at his behavior until Shelly walked up and figured it out.

“I think I know what he’s doing. I had to correct him for his inappropriate comments about bowing and removing his shoes. He told me he would do better. I think this is his idea of doing better.”

Shelly ran over to Benedict to let him know he didn’t need to bow as he flew his kite, but before she got there, he tripped over his long string and got tangled up, falling onto the ground.

“Benedict, are you ok?” the Eggs asked worriedly as they ran over to him.

“I’m ok,” he replied as he got up from the ground.

He began to cry as he explained to Shelly that he was just trying to do better. Shelly comforted him, “Benedict, customs and traditions have a time and a place. You must learn to use them properly, ok?”

Good News

Just then Coach Flo ran over to the group. “I have good news! I was talking with that baseball coach and told him I was a coach as well. He invited us to play a practice game with his team to help get them ready for the season. What do you think?”

The Eggs were so excited and jumped up and down!! Hooray!!

“May I be on your team,” asked Takumi.

“Of course!” exclaimed Coach Flo.


The afternoon passed quickly as they all flew their kites. Afterward, they stopped to get some ramen noodles.

“Benedict, it is considered a compliment if you slurp your noodles,” said Shelly with a wink.

“Now that’s a custom I can get used to!”

All the Eggs laughed as they finished slurping their ramen.

Family Activities

  • The next nice but windy day, fly a kite! Even better, build your own – design it as one of a kind and let it fly free in the sky!

  • How did baseball get started in Japan?

  • Just once – slurp your ramen or soup and compliment the chef! Just this once!

Next week – the big game!! See you then!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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