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February - India #3

After a big relief last week finding out they didn’t ruin Bani’s wedding dress, Megg and Seggourney were ready to enjoy the wedding celebration.


The Eggs enjoyed the beautiful wedding celebration! At one point, the bride and groom walked around a fire as they exchanged vows.

Benedict was a bit scared and yelled “fire!” but Shelly quickly covered his mouth and explained what was happening.

The food, the music, and the happiness kept up most of the night. The Eggs were exhausted and finally went to sleep in the wee hours of the morning.


The next week, Coach Flo arranged for the group to attend a cricket match. “What’s that?” asked the Eggs. Coach Flo explained that cricket is played with a bat and a ball and you have to score runs.

“It sounds a lot like baseball,” said Reggie.

“Not quite, but there are some similarities,” replied Coach Flo.

At the cricket match, they all got familiar with the rules and began to cheer for the home team. It was an afternoon of great fun!

Bengal Tigers!

Shelly and Rashi cooked up a surprise for the Eggs. Soon it was time for them to leave India and Rashi wanted to make sure they some some Bengal tigers, India’s most famous animal. They toured a tiger reserve but Ms. Poach was a bit nervous.

“Are you sure we’re safe?” she asked. “I assure you, we are,” said Rashi. They ended up seeing a sleeping tiger, to Ms. Poach’s relief, and were taken with the beauty of the animal.

Time to Alvida

The Eggs exchanged information with Rashi so they could keep in touch. They sent Peggy a postcard with a Bengal tiger on it, and told her all about their adventures in India.

Shukriyaa, thank you, Rashi, for everything,” said Shelly as she gave Rashi a hug.

Once settled on the plane, Ms. Poach handed the Eggs their envelopes to see where their next destination would be. I wonder where? We'll travel there next month - see you then!

Family Activities

  • Find out the meaning of the bride and groom walking around the fire. How many times do they circle it and why?

  • Cricket is played with a bat and a ball. Find other aspects of the game that are in common with American baseball.

  • The Bengal tiger is India’s national animal. What is the national animal in your country?

See you in March for a new adventure!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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