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December - Australia #3

The Eggs have one last place to visit as they wind up their Australian adventure!


The Eggs boarded a plane to visit their final landmark of the trip.

“Where are we going?” asked Seggourney.

“We are going to a very special place,” replied Lishy. “It’s called Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock.”

“What’s Uluru?” asked Reggie.

“Uluru is a HUGE, very beautiful sandstone formation. It is very sacred to our aboriginal people, the Anangu,” answered Lishy. “It is very tall, almost like a mountain!”

“Can we climb it?” asked Benedict.

“Oh no, Benedict,” cautioned Lishy. “Like I said earlier, it is considered a very sacred place and it is not for climbing.”


The plane landed and the Eggs boarded jeeps which took them to Uluru. As the jeeps approached the monolith, the Eggs were silent as they gazed upon it. It rose up from the ground with strength and majesty, covered in shades of red and brown that brightened with the movement of the sunlight.

A guide from the Anangu tribe welcomed the group. “Hello and welcome! Come, I will show you Uluru.”

The group quietly followed the guide as he told them ancient stories of his people. “Our stories stay in our hearts; we do not need to write them down.”

“That’s beautiful,” remarked Ms. Poach.

Not Listening Again

As the group was intently listening to the Anangu guide, Benedict’s curiosity got the best of him and he ran toward Uluru, with the intention of climbing it. Lishy ran after him.

“Benedict, stop! Please don’t climb the rock!” As she was running and shouting after Benedict, she tripped on some unstable ground, twisted her ankle and fell on her face.

The Eggs rans over to her. Benedict heard the commotion and turned around to see what had happened. He ran back over to the group.

“Oh, Lishy - are you ok?” he worriedly asked.

“I think my ankle is broken, mate,” she replied through tears.

Lesson Learned

Benedict felt awful about causing Lishy’s broken ankle.

The Anangu guide put his arm around Benedict and said, “Young one, you must listen to the words of my people. Pay attention to warnings and avoid trouble.”

The next day the Eggs visited Lishy. She had a walking cast that would need to be worn for about three weeks. Benedict apologized and Lishy said, “No worries, mate! I’ll be brand new in no time!”

Before they left Australia, the Eggs ended up having a Christmas celebration with Lishy’s family. Megg and Seggourney were worried they would miss Christmas, but were relieved to hear they would celebrate it Aussie style!

Ms. Poach then handed them their envelopes with the name of the country they would travel to next.

Family Activities

  • Look up with your kids – how tall exactly is Uluru? And why is it considered sacred by the aboriginal people?

  • Take a Google Earth tour of Uluru – it’s fascinating!

  • What kind of traditions go into an Australian Christmas? Add one to your Christmas celebration this year!

I’ll see you in January! Have a beautiful and blessed Christmas season!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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