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December - Australia #2

Welcome back! The Eggs are in the midst of their Australian adventure when Benedict arrived!

A Happy Barbie!

With the arrival of Benedict, the Eggs had a great time at the Aussie Barbie! They enjoyed shrimp and chicken, and danced to fun music.

They also filled Benedict in on what they did in Chile and Zambia. Greggory told the story of how they chased penguins in Chile, and Reggie went on about the safari and the zebra he saw in Zambia. Benedict was so excited to hear the stories and was eager to spend time with his friends in Australia.


Later in the week, Lishy took the Eggs to visit some koalas at the local zoo. She explained that they were marsupials and not really bears. They carry their babies in their pouches. Benedict had trouble pronouncing marsupial, but Lishy helped him out.

She continued on about the koalas, telling the Eggs they were nocturnal and ate eucalyptus leaves. Benedict again had trouble with the words, this time “nocturnal” and “eucalyptus,” and seemed rude as he continually interrupted Lishy. The Eggs took Benedict aside and told him he needed to settle down if he wanted to stay on the trip for a while. He apologized and said he was just excited to be there and he would get better. Hmmm . . .

Family Activities:

  • Have your own Australian Barbie at home! Find out what kind of food is served and grill up a barbeque like they do “down under!” Be sure to listen to “barbie” music, too!

  • With your kids, find out what other animals are considered marsupials. Where do they live? What zoos in the United States have koalas?

Next week, the Eggs finish their Australian adventure with a very special excursion.

See you then!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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