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The Good Eggs

Meet Seggourney, Reggie, Megg and Greggory!   They are The Good Eggs!  These four friends live and go to school in the small town of Albumen.  They display virtues within their community.  What are virtues?  Virtues are positive traits that help you and others become Good Eggs.  As you read The Good Eggs, you will learn more about understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, cooperation, love, acceptance, respect, responsibility, honesty, confidence, and manners.  Challenges are introduced by two additional eggs, Benedict and Peggy.  The virtues of The Good Eggs are put into practice as they try to help and guide Benedict and Peggy through their difficulties.  Remember – a cracked Egg should be handled with care.  With some kindness and concern, a difference can be made in someone’s life!

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The Good Eggs Travel the World

What can you learn from a trip around the world?  Plenty!  Come and travel with Seggourney, Reggie, Megg and Greggory as they leave their small town of Albumen to embark on a magnificent and educational journey!  Visit the countries of Chile, Zambia, Australia, Japan, India, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Norway and Scotland.  Learn about customs, cultures, landmarks, history and more!  Their two friends, Benedict and Peggy, join in for part of the trip, too!  This second book in The Good Eggs series proves to be an exciting adventure! While learning about the importance of Diversity, the Eggs realize the world is full of good eggs.  Fasten your seat belt!

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The Good Eggs In the Community

What does it mean to serve the community?  As Reggie, Megg, Seggourney, Greggory, Peggy, and Benedict return from their study abroad program, they continue to be Ambassadors, as appointed by the United Nations, for their own hometown of Albumen.  This means they are going to provide service in various areas of their community, such as collecting school supplies for children, assisting in a senior living home, caring for animals at a shelter, feeding the hungry at a food bank, raising awareness as to the importance of good health and eating right, and respecting nature.  This final book in The Good Eggs series focuses on the significance of Service.  The Eggs come to understand just how important helping others can be, and they also learn more about themselves in the process!


S. Ciara Mitaro, holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Detroit Mercy and currently teaches morality, ethics and social justice courses at a private high school in Michigan.  In addition to her teaching career, she has taught, developed, and implemented programs and curricula that focused on teaching children the importance of value-driven lives centered on love and the importance of living an altruistic life.  She is passionate about The Good Eggs Foundation and passionate for helping children integrate Virtues, Diversity, and Service into their lives as they grow into Good Eggs!