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December - Australia #1

Wow – it’s December already!

A Loooong Plane Ride

The Eggs finally touched down in Sydney after a long journey from Zambia. They all relaxed and had a bit to eat before they had to board another plan to Cairns, where they would stay. It felt good to stretch out and eat a meal.

The Great Barrier Reef

After getting settled in Cairns, Shelly informed the group they would be taking a glass-bottom boat over the Great Barrier Reef. The Eggs’ weren’t sure what it was, so Shelly began to explain.

“It’s the world’s largest coral reef boasting over 600 types of coral. It’s home to over 1,500 different kinds of fish in every shape and color, including sea turtles.”

Reggie jumped up, “Sea turtles?”

Greggory quickly calmed him down. “Reggie, don’t get obsessed with sea turtles like you did with zebras, ok?”

Reggie sneered back at Greggory. “I just like sea turtles, ok?”

Good News!

The Eggs followed Shelly to the rental building to rent some snorkeling gear before they boarded the glass-bottom boat. They met a new friend, Lishy, who owns the rental company.

“G’day Mates!” she greeted them warmly.

They quickly made friends and were talking all about the Great Barrier Reef. Just then Ms. Poach walked up and told the Eggs that she just got off the phone with Benedict’s father.

“Benedict’s dad is in Australia on business and he brought Benedict with him. They are going to meet up with us later. Isn’t that exciting?”

The Eggs were overjoyed. “Oh yes – we can’t wait!”

“Oh wonderful,” said Lishy. “You can all come to the barbie later tonight!”

The Eggs weren’t quite sure what a barbie was, but Lishy explained it was a barbeque on the beach. They couldn’t wait to go!

A Snorkeling Surprise

The Eggs boarded the glass-bottom boat and headed out toward the Reef. They got a quick snorkeling lesson from Shelly and Lishy and got into the water. They marveled at the colors of the reef and the variety of fish that swam by them.

Greggory spotted a sea turtle and tapped Reggie on the back. He pointed to the sea turtle. Reggie stared in awe. Both boys surfaced and were silent for a minute.

“Did you see that, Greggory, did you?” Reggie finally said.

“Yes, I saw the sea turtle and I think he was looking right at you,” Greggory assured his friend.

Family Activities

  • Try drawing three kinds of fish and three kinds of coral found in the Great Barrier Reef onto a clean sheet of white paper to make a coloring page. Once colored, the page should be VERY vibrant. Make sure to hang it on your refrigerator!

  • Why is the Great Barrier Reef considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world? Look it up!

  • Look up some facts about the sea life that lives in the Great Barrier Reef, such as how long do sea turtles live? Create a list of 10 facts and then play true or false with a family member.

See you next week as the Eggs continue their Australian adventure!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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