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April - Israel #3

Here we are at the last week of the Eggs’ visit to Israel!

The Dead Sea

Yosef was excited to show the Eggs one last site before they left Israel.

“Tomorrow we will make a trip to the Dead Sea!” he announced.

“Why is it called the Dead Sea?” curiously asked Benedict.

“The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth,” explained Shelly. “It is about six times saltier than the ocean! No creatures or plants can live in it due to its high salt content.”

Floating Around

They arrived at the Dead Sea and the Eggs looked for a place to rent rafts or tubes.

Shelly began to laugh. “You won’t need that here. Look at the people in the ocean. They are floating on their own. The salt keeps you afloat!”

“Really?” the Eggs shouted. They were fascinated with the fact that they would not sink in the sea.

“Just be careful not to put your head under water – the high salt content can hurt your eyes,” cautioned Shelly.

The afternoon was spent in great fun as the Eggs ran into the water and floated their bodies.

“This is amazing!” remarked Megg. “I don’t even need a raft!” They laughed all afternoon.

Skin Care

Shelly picked up some mud from the beach and began to tell Ms. Poach of its benefits.

“You can rub this mud all over your body and it will give your skin nourishing minerals. Just breathing in the air here can also be beneficial for your health.”

“Sounds good to me,” replied Ms. Poach.

They rubbed some mud on their bodies and relaxed in the water for a while before heading back to the hotel.

Family Activity

Try to imitate the Eggs’ experience of floating in the Dead Sea by doing a floating egg experiment.

Supplies Needed:

- Clear glass or plastic container - Salt (3 to 4 cups) - Long spoon

- Water - Measuring cup - Teaspoon

- One egg

1. First make some Ocean Water:

- Mix 3 ½ teaspoons of salt into 4 ¼ cups of water

- Gently hold the egg in the water to see if it floats (note: it won’t, so careful not to crack it)

2. Start mixing one cup of salt at a time into the water and continue to see if the egg will float. When it doesn’t, mix in another cup of salt. Keep adding salt until the egg floats. Note: The ratio of salt to water in the Dead Sea is at least 25% salt to 75% water. This means you will need to add at least three cups (or more) of salt to the 3 ½ teaspoons you initially added to get the egg to float!

Well, that concludes the Eggs’ adventures in Israel! They exchanged information with Yosef so they could keep in touch and boarded the plane for their next destination.

See you in May!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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