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April - Israel #1

Hello – welcome back to our world travels! The Eggs left Cairo and have just landed in Tel Aviv!

A Short Flight!

The Eggs’ plane touched down in Tel Aviv – only one hour from Cairo! They were relieved to be on such a short flight for a change.

Yosef and His Family

As the group deboarded the plane, they were met by Shelly’s young friend, Yosef, and his family. Yosef was proud to introduce them all to his mom, dad, and especially his new baby sister, Dalia.

“Shalom,” he said as his greeting. “That means peace.” They all shook hands and smiled. Yosef and his family got the group settled in to their hotel.


After a day relaxing on the Mediterranean Sea beach near their hotel and feasting on some yummy kabobs, Yosef’s father invited everyone back to their home for Shabbat.

“What’s Shabbat?” asked Megg.

“It’s a special meal and time we set aside for family, rest, recreation, and thankfulness,” replied Yosef’s dad.

The meal began with lighting candles, washing hands, singing a song and offering thanks. No electricity was used to remind them to stay focused on togetherness and thankfulness. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food. Seggourney especially liked the challah bread.

“It’s so good!” she remarked.

Poor Dalia

While the meal was underway, baby Dalia began to cry uncontrollably. Yosef’s mom checked her and discovered she had a high fever. Yosef’s parents left right away to get her to a doctor.

Shelly and the Eggs stayed with Yosef while his parents and Dalia were gone. They played a board game and comforted him through the evening because he was afraid that Dalia was very sick.

That’s What It’s All About

After some time, Yosef’s parents returned with Dalia. Yosef ran to them.

“How is Dalia?” he asked with a worried look on his face.

“She’ll be fine,” replied Yosef’s mom. “She has an ear infection. It should clear up in a few days with the medicine.”

Yosef was relieved and hugged his family and then his friends. As he hugged the Eggs, he said, “Thank you for helping me through this rough time. I feel thankful you were here with me.”

“That’s what Shabbat is all about, Yosef,” said his dad. “Giving thanks and spending time with those who love and care for us.”

They all said goodnight and the Eggs headed back to their hotel.

Family Activity

  • The flight from Cairo to Tel Aviv was short. Recall any short flights you may have been on with your family. Also research other cities that have a short flight distance! Which one is the shortest?

  • Try spending a family meal together and talking about things that make you feel thankful or grateful. It will bring you closer together – you may even want to light a candle for your table!

Next week, the Eggs will do some sightseeing in the Old City – so fun!

See you then!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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