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May - Responsibility #1

Welcome to the beautiful month of May!

Chapter Summary

In this chapter of The Good Eggs, Coach Flo introduces the virtue of responsibility after the Eggs win a big baseball game. She tells them they won because everybody did their jobs at their assigned positions – they acted responsibly. 

Back at school, Benedict volunteered to take on the responsibility of caring for a small garden patch next to the playground. Unfortunately, he got too focused on the upcoming game and forgot to water the flowers. The Eggs were disappointed in Benedict because they planned on cutting some of the flowers to make a bouquet for Ms. Poach. 

Benedict once again learned his lesson and took it upon himself to be more responsible and to make things right. Ms. Poach got her bouquet of flowers from the Eggs and new flowers were planted in the garden patch at school.

The Eggs played well in the championship game and, once again, Coach Flo reminded them about the importance of teamwork and how everybody was responsible for their positions. After the game, Benedict thanked Coach Flo for the valuable lesson on responsibility and gave her a surprise gift.

The Next Right Thing

We learn from a very young age that we are to be “responsible for our actions.” This is a huge undertaking, because we perform a lot of actions in our lifetime, especially when we count our words as actions as well. What we do and say takes a lot of responsibility.

With our intellect and experience, we should know how to make good decisions. When we do mess up and say or do the wrong thing, sometimes we place blame on someone else. It takes a strong person to own up to and take responsibility for one’s self, words, and actions. 

Practice Makes Perfect

The more we get into the practice of making responsible decisions, the more we will automatically act responsibly. The habit of responsibility eventually becomes part of who we are. When we think and act responsibly we find ourselves wanting to surround ourselves with like-minded people.

Next week – more on acting responsibly.  Until then, enjoy the sunshine and flowers!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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