October - Forgiveness #3

Hello! Let’s continue our Forgiveness discussion . . .

Recap of the The Good Eggs Lesson

When we forgive someone we give them and ourselves an opportunity for a fresh start.

Modeling the Virtue

How often do we ask for our child’s forgiveness? Probably not too often. Sometimes we are tired and distracted by the events and people in our day. It’s in these times that we may take our frustrations out on our child. Sometimes we have a little less patience than we normally have, and project our lack of patience onto our child. Sometimes we may even be the ones to “throw a temper tantrum” – the kind we often find ourselves accusing our child of having. Maybe it’s in these times, and possibly others that come to mind, that we need to make it a point to apologize.

Give Up the Ego

Maybe it is in those times in which we are “always right” because we are the parent – even when we are wrong – that we need to take a step back, dig deep, and give up our ego or our pride for the teachable moment we have right in front of us. For most of us, this is not easy to do, but maybe in some of those times we need to literally face the facts, admit we were wrong and seek forgiveness from our child.

Again, it is in these times that we can model what it means to give of ourselves for the good of teaching our child the importance of forgiveness. If you’ve never done it before, your child may be a little taken aback by your sincerity and admittance of guilt – that is the moment in which both of you will truly live the virtue of forgiveness. And they will imitate your example!

Have a great week! Next month, we will explore the virtue of Gratitude.

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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