October - Forgiveness #2

Why Should I Forgive?

When on the receiving end of an apology, we should be grateful for the gift the other has given to us. We can often fall into the trap of thinking we deserve the apology, but we ought to think about what the other person is giving up for us – a piece of himself or herself that is often difficult to part with. Likewise when we are the ones seeking forgiveness we must be willing to freely give that piece of ourselves up for the good of the other, the good of the relationship, and the good of all.

What Good is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness brings peace. It can bring a peace of mind and a peace of heart that may have been absent for some time. Forgiveness also brings freedom. A lack of forgiveness can be binding. The feelings of hurtfulness and guilt can be like chains that keep us imprisoned in bitterness and despair. Forgiveness can free us from those chains. Forgiveness also opens us up to our humanness and the humanness of others. When we are able to give and receive forgiveness we better recognize our humanness and the humanness of others. Ultimately, forgiveness gives and brings new life.

A Choice

Remember, forgiveness doesn’t mean acknowledging what the other did is ok.  Of course, it isn’t ok.

Forgiving means you are ready to move forward and not let the burden of a grudge control your life.

Forgiving means you can choose to have (or not have) that person in your life.

Forgiving means you will not take revenge on another, but decide to move forward and experience what new things life has to offer you – and believe me, there are many! : )

Next week – modeling the virtue for our children.

Have a wonderful week – seek the peace that forgiveness brings.

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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