October - Forgiveness #1

Welcome to October! Wow - the year is flying by!

This month we will focus on the virtue of Forgiveness, as written in The Good Eggs, Book 1, Chapter 2.

Chapter Summary

In The Good Eggs, we again find Benedict at the center of attention. In only his second month in his new school, Benedict jumps to a conclusion without knowing all of the facts. He thinks his new friends would purposely not invite him to the class Halloween party. Instead of asking for an explanation, he decides revenge is the best tactic. He tries to ruin the party by dumping most of the snacks, and even decides to keep one bag of pretzels for himself.

He is questioned by his friends and soon realizes that he misinterpreted the situation and acted foolishly, thus finding himself needing forgiveness from the Eggs. Their forgiveness frees Benedict and the others which allow all of them to put the past behind them and enjoy the party.

Give for Another

Just as we flipped the word understanding last month to say and describe standing under, we might do the same for forgiveness by saying that when we give for another we practice the virtue of forgiveness. Forgiveness – asking for and giving – is not easy, because when we ask for it or give it to another we are giving something very personal away. We are giving a part of our self. It might be our ego, or maybe it is our need to be right, or maybe it might be our pride. In forgiveness we are giving this part of our self for the good of the other person, and ultimately for our self as well.

Sometimes . . .

Nobody likes to make mistakes. We don’t intentionally mean to hurt others, but sometimes we get in our own way.

Sometimes: we say or do things out of jealousy or envy.

Sometimes: we say or do things to make ourselves appear to be better than someone else.

Sometimes: we say or do things to cover up our own deficiencies, disappointments, or detriments.

Life gives us a way out of the despair of these words and actions that harm and sometimes even sever relationships.  The way out is forgiveness.


For forgiveness to be fully effective: it must be freely given and freely received. There cannot be any strings or stipulations attached.

For forgiveness to be fully effective: it must also be sincere and genuine. There is nothing fake about true forgiveness.

Forgiveness cannot just come from the lips, nor can it be limited to the mind. True forgiveness must come from and flow through the heart.

NEXT WEEK - more on forgiveness and accepting and/or giving apologies.

Have a beautiful autumn week (my favorite time of year!)

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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