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November - Zambia #1

Welcome to November and a new month of travel for The Good Eggs! With Book 2 - The Good Eggs Travel the World, I will give e a short synopsis of the chapter and then provide some family activities that reinforce the concept of diversity!

Zambia? Where’s that?

As the Eggs were waiting to board the plane to leave Santiago, Ms. Poach gave them their anxiously awaited envelope that contained the name of their next destination.

Ms. Poach instructed, “On the count of three, remember? One, two, THREE!”

The Eggs tore into their envelopes with excitement.

“Zambia?” questioned Megg. “Where’s that?”

Ms. Poach explained it was in Africa and Reggie already started dreaming of seeing Zebras in their natural surroundings.


They flew into the capital city of Lusaka and met a new friend named Paison. He was a friend of their tour guide, Shelly. Shelly had friends all around the world who were going to assist the Eggs with their study-abroad program.

The Eggs stayed at Paison’s family farm throughout their trip in Zambia.

A New Language

“Moni!” said Paison as he addressed the group. “That means hello in our language, Nyanja.”

Seggourney was eager to learn new words in Nyanja. Paison took her hand and said, “Muli bwanji?”

Seggourney did not know how to react, since she didn’t know Nyanja, but Paison smiled at her bewilderment and said, “It means how are you?”

Seggourney smiled and said, “I’m just fine! Muli bwanji?” Paison smiled with approval and answered, “I’m great! Now let’s get started!”


Paison took the Eggs home to his family farm, introduced everyone, and the Eggs began to learn about life in Zambia. After a much-needed nap, the Eggs sat down to a wonderful dinner prepared by Paison’s mom. It was called nshima, which is a traditional dish in Zambia made of maize. It was enjoyed by all.

After a lot of conversation and food, the Eggs retired for the evening to rest up for the busy days ahead.

Family Activities

  • With your children, point out on a map where the country of Zambia is located (southern part of Africa).

  • Look up what type of currency they use, and even more words in the official language, Nyanja. Look up the words chonde, zikomo, bwino, eva, and avi. What do they mean?

  • You can even learn to count to ten in Nyanja: modzi, wiri, tatu, nayi, sanu, sanu n’chimodzi, sanu n’ziwiri, sanu n’zitatu, sanu n’zinayi, khumi

  • These dishes are also common cuisine in Zambia: chinaka and samp. Can you find their ingredients?

Next week, more adventures in Zambia. Will Reggie get to see his Zebra?

Have a great week!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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