November - Gratitude #1

A new month! Welcome to November, the month of Gratitude!

Chapter Summary

In November, Ms. Poach challenged the Eggs to write a journal page that listed the things for which they are grateful. Greggory got a quick lesson on gratitude following his bike accident. He not only realized the importance of being grateful for his friends, but also being grateful for not being hurt worse than he was, and for the ability to walk that he previously took for granted.

The Eggs find themselves once again helping Benedict. Benedict thinks he has nothing to be thankful for or happy about since he moved to Albumen. The Eggs get an idea – they take Benedict to visit Greggory. During the visit, Greggory shares his sadness with the others by listing everything he is not able to do because of his broken ankle. This was all part of the Eggs’ plan to help Benedict think of the things for which he really is grateful. The plan worked! The next day Benedict read aloud to the class his “grateful list.”  And, oh, the things he thought of to put on that list once his friends helped him out!

An Attitude of Gratitude!

To many, gratitude simply means saying “Thank You.” How many times have we heard a parent say, “What do you say?” when the child is given something.  “Thank you’s” are important, but gratitude is about much more than two simple words.

As we have seen with the first two virtues, we can find a deeper meaning within the word itself. There is a cliché that may have even made its way to a bumper sticker, “Have an Attitude of Gratitude.” It seems to be pretty self-explanatory; we should be grateful for everything we’ve been given. If that is the least we do in the world, the world would truly be a different place. If we took nothing for granted and realized that everything is gift, we would have an entirely different perspective on the things of this world, and more importantly, the people in this world.

Live it Out!

When we live out of gratitude we are a different kind of person – we are happy, content, and peaceful. When we live and act like we are entitled to what we have and more, we are never truly happy, we can never truly be content, we never truly experience peace.

Living a life of gratitude is nothing but a change of attitude! It is a change of perspective about possessions and people. Like all virtues, gratitude is contagious. The more we practice it, the more others will want what we have. Our job is to spread this “attitude of gratitude” within our homes, within our workplaces and gatherings, and throughout our community. It’s truly catchy!

Try to keep that attitude of gratitude this week! You’ll bring more meaning to your life more than ever!

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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