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March - Acceptance #2

Welcome Back!

As we saw last week, Benedict had a hard time accepting girls on his baseball team and Coach Flo as his coach.  

Challenging Issue

In this chapter, The Good Eggs address an issue that continues to be challenging for adults: gender acceptance. You can sometimes hear people say, “Women have come a long way. There was a time not too long ago when they couldn’t even vote.” True, but also very sad – it should have never been that way in the first place. 

As parents, we have the power to reverse the inequality that continues to exist between men and women. It can start within our own homes. Girls watch and listen to how women are treated in their own family. Boys watch and listen to how boys treat girls in their own family. Often times, they will grow up to accept what they learned as being the way it is in the world.



As we have done with many of the virtues so far, we need to take the time to self-examine how well we live out the virtue of acceptance. Do we accept people for who they are as human beings, or do we rely on labels and stereotypes to determine our words, actions, and behaviors? 

If we stop and honestly assess our actions, words, thoughts, and motivations when it comes to acceptance, we may come to some realizations. Questions you might ask yourself: Am I raising my daughter to go out in life with the confidence and reality that she is strong, intelligent, and an empowered human being? Am I raising my son to accept the fact that women are equal with men and should be accepted as equals in our world?

Reggie Says . . .

Reggie is right when he says, “If we accept all people, together we can make great things happen.” It is up to us as parents to be sure our sons and daughters realize this and live it every day of their lives.

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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