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June - Honesty #3

Let’s wrap up June with our discussion on honesty!

A Challenge

Consider teaching your child the numerous ways people can be dishonest. It is important to help our children understand that dishonesty is more than “telling a lie” and honesty is important in every aspect of life.

Consider the ways mentioned in the adult reflection plus a few more: deceit, unfaithfulness, backstabbing, misleading others, taking advantage of others, cheating, defrauding, betraying, slander, gossip, disloyalty, double crossing, blackmailing, perjury, stealing, and any other forms of dishonesty you can think of.

Your children may know some of these forms of dishonesty. Allow them to tell you what they know then pick up where they might not be sure. 

Media Examples

After learning and discussing all of the ways people can be dishonest, consider spending some time watching one of your child’s favorite television shows. Challenge each other to find ways the characters are being dishonest.

Talk about the consequences of dishonesty, but don’t forget to talk about the rewards of being honest. As honestly is practiced, your children will definitely bring out their “inner Good Egg!”

Next time – July will be the month of Confidence!

See you then!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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