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June - Honesty #1

Can you believe it’s almost summer! Yay!

Chapter Summary

In Chapter 10 of  The Good Eggs, Benedict once again makes some poor decisions. This time his decisions are dishonest. He tells his parents he lost his report card and then he has Peggy water down the lemonade at their lemonade stand so they can make it last longer and earn more money.

Even though Peggy tells him he is being dishonest in both situations, Benedict doesn’t care.

Benedict’s dishonesty gets worse. He made Seggourney a glass of lemonade that wasn’t made from lemonade power and then he “fixed” Reggie’s bike with a nut and bolt he knew were way too small to be safe. Both incidents caused some major problems for both Seggourney and Reggie. 

Lesson Learned

Benedict learned a hard lesson, but in the end, he told the truth about everything, including his report card. Benedict “realized that one lie leads to another and just makes a mess of things.” Reggie’s mom reminds Benedict that “honesty is the best policy.”

Honest IS the Best Policy

“Honesty is the best policy,” Reggie’s mom said in The Good Eggs. This phrase is a common one as we bring up children and it has been known to be in speeches throughout history.

You would think with all of that history, acknowledgement, and repetition, everybody would follow the axiom as if it was woven into our personalities and our psyches. We know from personal experience, though, that it doesn’t always happen that way. 

Expect the Truth in Life

Although our world is filled with honest and upright individuals, there also exists a level of dishonesty that is portrayed in a myriad of ways: deceit, unfaithfulness, backstabbing, misleading others, taking advantage of others, cheating, defrauding, betraying, slander, gossip, the list goes on and on.

Even though we know honesty is always the best policy, we observe this all-encompassing rule being broken all the time. We see it in public life, in sports, in the workplace, in relationships, and in homes. As parents, we want nothing more than for our children to be honest. We expect it from them all the time. We drive home the point of always telling the truth and our children expect the truth from us.  

Next week – more on honesty! Enjoy the June sunshine!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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