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July - Confidence #3

Welcome back – let’s recap the lesson of The Good Eggs this month:

“The example and encouragement of others helps us to find the confidence that we already have.”

Modeling Confidence

The most obvious way we can model confidence is by being confident in all we do. We need to believe in our abilities, strengths, and gifts and talents. We must be careful not to confuse success with perfection. We are not going to do everything perfectly, but this does not take away from our success. 

Along with the virtue of confidence, it is best to follow it up with the virtue of humility. As adults, we need to model this humble confidence for our children. We need to help them see that being the best they can be is not the same as thinking and acting like they are better than anyone else. 


As with all of the virtues we have looked at, we examine our own life and behaviors. We have to measure our confidence levels and determine where we sometimes allow fear to get in the way of our confidence.

Teaching our children that they can succeed at anything if they have confidence and try their best is an invaluable lesson in life. Succeeding isn’t always winning the game, getting the A, making the team, etc. It is about believing in yourself and trying your very best. 

Next month – we will explore the virtue of manners!

Have a sun-filled week!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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