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July - Confidence #1

Welcome to July – oh the lovely, long, lazy days of summer!  This month, we will focus on the virtue of confidence.

Chapter Summary

In Chapter 11 of The Good Eggs, summer is in full swing!  With the help of Benedict’s exuberance, the Eggs decided to join a Fun Run competition in Albumen. As they began to train, Benedict struggled to run a mile and quickly lost confidence in his ability. The other Eggs kept encouraging Benedict, trying to increase his confidence, but it wasn’t working.  

Along with the Fun Run, there was a component of raising money for the Albumen Children’s Hospital.  The Eggs raised a lot of money through a community car wash and through the help of donations from their parents.

When it came time for the Fun Run to begin, all of the Eggs were confident, except for Benedict. As Benedict began his race, he noticed a little Egg in a wheelchair from the Albumen Children’s Hospital cheering him on. It changed his perspective on his abilities, and increased his confidence. He began to run as fast as he could and crossed the finish line!

Out of the Mouths of Babes . . .

If you ask a group of preschoolers how many of them can dance, they all raise their hands. If you ask the same group of preschoolers how many of them can sing, they all raise their hands. You can keep asking…run fast, jump high, you name it; they raise their hands and say with enthusiasm, “I can!” Ask a group of adults the same categories of questions and you’re lucky to get a few hands up.

Why do young children have so much confidence and adults so little? Some people would respond by saying that nobody has ever told the young children they can’t do those things. Probably true, but how often have you been told you can’t sing, dance, run fast, jump high, etc.? More than likely, not too often.  What would life be like for us if we had more of that fearlessness? 

More discussion on confidence next week! Enjoy the summer heat!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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