January - Cooperation #2

Welcome Back!

We saw last week that Seggourney tried to tell the Eggs “cooperation always makes things run more smoothly,” and that may involve some compromising.

Not Always Easy . . .

Cooperation takes work and commitment. We expect our children to cooperate at home, at school, on the sports team, at music or dance lessons, and in the neighborhood. That same expectation should be true for us. One good measure of our success at cooperation is our ability to compromise.

Many of us have a desire to always get our way, but the best way we can teach our children about cooperation is to make compromises. This doesn’t mean we have to compromise our values, morals, or beliefs, but you can find little things in our lives where we can suggest a compromise.

It may not turn out that everyone in the family gets exactly what they want, but surely “things will go more smoothly,” as Seggourney reminds us in The Good Eggs.

Think About It

As with all virtues, cooperation is contagious! Maybe the best way to teach our child about cooperation is to be willing to show compromise in our own actions.

Look for it this week – you probably can compromise and cooperate more than you think!

Next week – how to actively model cooperation.

I hope your New Year got off to a smooth start!

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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