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February - Love #3

Welcome back! This week, let’s wrap up our discussion on the virtue of love.  Recall the lesson from The Good Eggs:  "Love works best when it is given away."

A Better Way to Live

As we said previously, loving is a better way to live. Plain and simple.  As parents, we want nothing more for our kids than for them to grow up to be loving people. So how do we convince our child that this is a better way to live? We have no choice but to model it.  As you know, they watch and listen to everything we say. Our children first learn about love from us.

Try this . . .

Share a challenge with your child to see how many people each of you love and list them on a piece of paper. The rule is that you really have to feel love for them in your heart. Set a time limit – maybe three – five minutes. When time is up, share your lists with each other. Both of you could circle people you have in common and have some discussion about why and how you love them.


Next do the opposite.  List as many people you don’t love or may not love as you should. When time is up, share your lists again with each other. You could again circle people you have in common and have some discussion about how you could try better to love these people.

Talk about the importance of love. You might want to ask your child to share why they think love is important, and maybe even make a pact to try to love those unlovable people just a little more, whether they deserve it or not.

The Answer

I hope you gained some new insight into this age-old idea of love; the thing we human beings sing about, write about, and speak about in the past, present, and future!

Love really IS the answer!

See you in March - we will explore the virtue of Acceptance.

Have a love-filled remainder of February - and thanks for being a Good Egg!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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