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February - Love #2

Welcome back to our LOVE discussion!

Careful With Our Love?

We saw last week that the Eggs convinced Benedict “love works best when it is given away.” But, are we often careful with our own love? We are sometimes afraid it is not worthy of some people or that it might be abused by others.

Our reluctance to love doesn’t take anything away from its power, its strength, or its ability. Love is the great equalizer – another true cliché – it can stop wars, end arguments, bring about equality, unleash dignity, and bring true joy and happiness. 

Love is Contagious!

Unfortunately, sometimes we do not allow love to be what it truly is and to do what it can truly do. We try to control love, just as we try to control most things in our life. BUT – real love is uncontrollable. Once you start to honestly and fully love, there is no turning back.

We have talked about how all virtues are contagious. Love is the most contagious of all. The more you are able to share the love within you, the more you give “permission” for others to do the same. And, sometimes, that’s all people need. They need to be given the “permission” to love. 

No Expectations

Everybody has it within them to share, and once a person opens up whatever it is holding that love back, it will continue to flow. If you are willing to truly love, there is a stipulation. There can never be strings attached to our love. There should never be expectations put on the other. There should never be rewards sought for our love. Loving those that love us is easy; but the real test comes when we love those who are not so lovable.

A Gift

Our love is a gift to the other. We throw the word love around a lot, but to be truly human, to truly live “life,” we must strive to love with our words, actions, thoughts, and motives. If we follow this law of life, we soon realize that we exist not for only for ourselves, but for the other, and the “other” is every other.

Love then is never selfish. Love is self-less and self-giving. This kind of love may seem difficult, but nonetheless, it is the answer.

Next week – more love talk!

Have a great week and a fun Valentine's Day!

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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