December - Generosity #2

Welcome back! Last week we began our discussion on Generosity.  

Recall Ms. Poach’s project to the Eggs; Giving Things and Giving Time.


Generosity can be a difficult virtue to uphold. Like all virtues, we usually can’t just pick and choose when we are going to put generosity into action. We must give and live generously all the time. Yes, giving things to others is an excellent way to practice generosity, but hopefully this tangible way of giving will lead to other forms of generosity, like giving away our precious time.  

We live in a “busy culture.” Everybody is busy all of the time. Some even use the phrase, “I am too busy to breathe.” That, of course, is ridiculous, but it would be good for some of us to take some time and just breathe. If we took more time to do a simple thing like breathe, we might come to see the importance of giving our time to others. In the end, our time is more valuable to others than our things.

Words Matter

Beyond giving of things and time, we should also be generous with our words and thoughts. We have a very powerful tool at our disposal. This tool doesn’t cost any money and we don’t have to bag it up and deliver it. This tool is our mouth, especially when it is working with our mind and heart. 

Our words have unlimited power and influence. Our words can bring a smile to someone’s face, encourage someone who is going through a difficult time, motivate someone to stay focused during a struggle, or work harder to accomplish a goal. When used as compliments, our words can help a person with self-esteem and self-worth. Generosity is contagious. Pass it on to your child. It may be the greatest gift you ever give!

Be That Hero . . .

Like in everything, children are watching and listening to a parent’s every move and spoken word. This can be an intimidating challenge, but we know the example we set becomes the textbook for our child’s life. Like with all virtues, we sometimes need to do an assessment of our lives to determine how well we are living out the virtues to which we are all called. 

This week, try to pay a compliment or word of encouragement to your child (and others!) as we enter deeper into this season of Generosity!

Next week, more ways to model this virtue and a family challenge, too!

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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