October - Forgiveness #4

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Hi Everyone!

As we wrap up October talking about Forgiveness, I want to leave you with a challenge.  Recall that Benedict had to ask for forgiveness from his friends for ruining the Halloween party, and his friends found it in their hearts to forgive him.  So what’s the challenge for you?

The Forgiveness Challenge!

Spend a week keeping track of times that you had to seek forgiveness and had to forgive someone else – even if it was a matter of “letting things go,” and not saying anything to someone at home or work, which happens a lot! Holding our tongues for the sake of peace can be a form of forgiveness, too!

After a week, bring it up slowly as a dinner conversation with your child. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation by talking about one of your experiences – again, modeling the virtue. Your child will surely come up with stories of their own once your story is shared. Compare notes and stories. Talk about what worked well, how each of you felt after the instances, and even about those times forgiveness was needed, but it just didn’t happen.

In your debriefing conversation, challenge each other to do better the next week. Be sure to compliment your child on how well he or she is practicing the virtue of forgiveness and what a proud parent you are. Thank your child for teaching you about the power of forgiveness.

Step it Up!

And if you’re really up to it, consider making it a month-long challenge. You can definitely learn a lot from and about each other and about yourself through this process. Whatever way you choose to proceed, be sure to celebrate the virtue of forgiveness – why not go out for ice cream with your child to celebrate the way you have modeled being a Good Egg!

Next month, November, the focus will be on Gratitude! 

Have a peaceful week ahead!

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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