November - Gratitude #3

Welcome back - let's wrap-up Gratitude!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, why not take Ms. Poach’s assignment a step further?

The Challenge

Instead of making a list only for yourself, share the challenge with your child.  Talk with your child about the virtue of gratitude and maybe even admit that you may not always be as grateful as you could be.

Practice Makes Perfect

Tell your child you want to get better at gratitude and how you think they could really help you to do just that. Give your child a notebook and explain how you would like to do this project with them for one day.  List in your respective notebooks things you should be grateful for as they happen throughout the day. These are going to be very long lists if taken seriously!

Challenge your child (and yourself) to see how many things they can come up with in one day – all the way to bedtime. That evening, go through your lists together. You may even have several common experiences!

New Attitude

After going through your lists, be sure to talk again about the importance of gratitude and the new attitude toward life you have discovered through this challenge. Challenge your child (and yourself) to try to live every day with this new attitude and how much better (and calmer!) life will be.

I wish you a beautiful and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!

See you in December when we will explore the virtue of Generosity!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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