November - Gratitude #2

Welcome Back to Gratitude!

Recap of the Lesson

Benedict learned that if we change our perspective on things and people, we will change our attitude to one of gratitude.

Try Modeling the Virtue

We take so much in our life for granted. We get lost in the routine of our day and fail to recognize the overwhelming number of gifts and privileges we are given. If we don’t recognize the gifts in our day, our children surely will come to know them as just part of life, or maybe even worse, they may develop an attitude of entitlement. When we live out of an attitude of entitlement, we are tempted to think we deserve everything we have.  This can easily lead to a toxic attitude of always thinking we deserve more.


One thing that can help is to stop and reflect on our own attitude.  Ask yourself what your attitude is toward the things, experiences, and people in your life. Do we dare ask ourselves the question, “Am I a grateful person?” And yes, we need to stretch ourselves beyond the fact that we always “say thank you” and determine how much gratitude we feel within our mind and heart and how well we express this grateful attitude throughout our day. Once we examine our own attitude we can make the necessary adjustments in order to better model gratitude for our children. The more our children see, hear, and experience our gratitude for the things and people in our lives, the more they will change their attitude.

This Week

Try out a variation of Ms. Poach’s assignment.  Each night for a week, write down five things you were grateful for during your day. Watch your perspective change.  And I bet you find more than five! : )

See you next week when we will wrap up Gratitude!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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