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March - Acceptance #1

Wow – this year is flying by – it’s March already! In The Good Eggs, Chapter 7, March brings a month of learning about the virtue of Acceptance.  

Chapter Summary

Once again, we find Benedict causing controversy. As Spring arrives and baseball season approaches, he can’t handle the fact that girls are on his baseball team, and that his coach is a woman! With a closed mind, he decides to quit the team, but soon realizes he misses playing baseball.  

After some time, he asks Coach Flo if he can come back (with an ulterior motive of showing up the girls), but to his surprise, Megg and Seggourney made game winning plays that amazed Benedict. He soon felt inconsiderate and ignorant for his closed-mindedness.  Reggie put everything into perspective when he said, “If we accept all people, together we can make great things happen.”

Have Times Changed?

Our generation has come a long way from generations past when it comes to the acceptance of others. We find ourselves interacting with a variety of people from different ethnicities, cultures, belief systems, and socio-economic positions much more frequently than our parents' generation.

Our children are many times even more advanced when it comes to experiencing such a wide variety of people. Whereas society still sometimes labels people by the color of their skin, their country of origin, gender, the religion they practice, or the clothing they wear, our children don’t seem to see those distinguishing characteristics. They often have the sincere ability to see people for who they are and typically do not use descriptors when referring to other children.  Children are much more accepting of others than adults. Too often, though, our adult biases influence children as they grow up, causing their acceptance level to waver.

This Week . . .

Try to be child-like in our encounters with others. Refrain from using descriptors and judgments and see how you do! It will allow you to really "see" the other.

More next week . . .

Wishing you all GOOD things,


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