December - Generosity #1

Ahh – December – the month of giving! Let’s explore what that means as we look at the virtue of Generosity. 


Chapter Summary

In The Good Eggs, Chapter 4, Ms. Poach introduced a project that taught the importance of being generous with our things and also our time. Part one of the project was called Giving Things. All of the Eggs, except Benedict, donated lots of wonderful toys, books, and clothing – all things they really liked.

Part two of the class project was called Giving Time. She shared the importance of giving your time to someone and the difference it can make in their lives. For this part of the project, the Eggs took time to write letters to children in another country. All of the Eggs, except Benedict, were excited to write their letters and turn them in to Ms. Poach.


With the help of Seggourney, Benedict was eventually able to find his generous side. Benedict decided to donate a toy that meant a lot to him, but he liked the thought that another child could enjoy it as much as he. Then Benedict asked Seggourney if he could join her when she goes to visit her grandma. Benedict learns how important giving of things and giving of time are in order to grow in the virtue of generosity.

How Can We Grow in Generosity?

So much of our world seems to be consumed with the accumulation of things and the scarcity of time. Our consumer driven society puts emphasis on having the “newest” or “latest” thing. Most often, satisfaction with "things" is short lived, leaving us wanting more.

Sometimes we need to take a “time-out” and realize just how much we already have. Doing this allows us to practice the virtue of gratitude. But, life has to be more than being grateful - we must also be generous. Although it may appear to be counter-cultural, being on the giving end is a much better place to be than on the receiving end. 

True Purpose?

When we give things and time as the Eggs learned through their class project, we are giving of ourselves. Is it possible that the purpose of our life is to give it to others?  There aren’t many ads on television or the internet encouraging us to give ourselves away to others, but what if this is the true purpose of our lives? 

Next week, more on how to develop generosity in ourselves and in our children.  See you soon!

Thanks for being a Good Egg!

S. Ciara Mitaro

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